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Users Of Cipro Get Varying Times To Stop Use Of Treatment

Cipro is what’s known as a fluoroquinolone. This is a form of antibiotic that’s designed to fight bacterial infections in the body. It can be used to help people who not only have bacterial infections, but those who might have come into contact with anthrax or different forms of the plague.

The question a lot of users have with a treatment such as Cipro though is when is the best time to stop using it. Understand that use of an antibiotic such as this can come with serious side effects. So it’s not recommended to be used for too long or even when there might be a safer option available.

Well doctors aren’t all the same when it comes to how they inform users to get off this treatment. Depending on the doctor users of Cipro can be told to stop treatment after any of the following conditions have been met.

After a person has used the treatment for a few days, even if the outcome wasn’t to the doctors liking

Cipro is effective, but this doesn’t mean it’s always going to work for everyone that uses it. Some doctors might be quick to pull the plug on use of certain antibiotics, because they’ve seen what the risks are if use continues for too long. In this case whether a patient has gotten the help they need or not they might be told to stop use of Cipro after a certain period of time.

Once the symptoms of a certain bacterial infection begins to go away

Some doctors who prescribe Cipro are only concerned with getting rid of the symptoms a patient might have. So when they see that the symptoms have gone away the will decide to take them off. This isn’t always a good thing, as use of an antibiotic such as Cipro might be able to completely get rid of a certain infection. The risk of problems is going to vary from person to person in this case though.

A few days after a user had gotten over their bacterial condition altogether

Users of Cipro who do get over their condition really fast will still be told to not stop using the drug right away. This is because some doctors believe is treatment is stopped too fast, then there might still be a chance that the bacterial problem lingers and can come back. So a few days might be given where a patient has to continue using the treatment even after their condition is gone.

Only after a user has gone through the complete course of treatment a doctor have them of Cipro

If you have a certain amount of Cipro, then this is because it’s believed that going through the full course of it is going to give you the best chance to get over your condition. So even if your condition responds very well to use of this antibiotic you will still be told to keep using it until the full course is gone. Some people might not agree with this though and depending on how hard they are willing to contest things they might be able to stop before the full course of treatment is over.

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