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Clomid Use And How Low Sperm Count Can Effect Chances Of Getting Pregnant

One factor that women sometimes forget to think about when it comes to using fertility medications such as Clomid is that sometimes it might not be them alone who has a problem. In some cases it can be the man having a low sperm count making it hard to get pregnant as well. When this is the case it’s going to take a little bit more than just a women using Clomid in order to get pregnant. Clomid is indeed effective at helping women to stimulate ovulation, but this benefit can be wasted if a man has a low sperm count.

Why is this important for women to take note of? Well depending on where you get it from fertility medications such as Clomid can be expensive. You can only use it so much before it becomes a risk or you have to use an alternative. In order to ensure you get the most out of this fertility medication, then women need to make sure their spouse has a healthy sperm count. The best way to do this is to have a man visit a specialist such as a urologist. This can save a lot of time and frustration.

Specific tests can be run on a man in order to see not only if he has a low sperm count, but if there are other underlying problems that can be making it hard to produce the right amount of sperm. Most of the time a man will be told he has to make certain changes. These might include wearing specific underwear, not taking part in certain activities (excessive bike riding can be one of them) eating certain foods designed to increase sperm count of even resulting to the use of certain medications/supplements himself.

Where the man isn’t the problem it has to be made certain that the only thing causing a women to struggle getting pregnant is indeed a fertility problem. There can be other issues that would make use of Clomid not as effective or would even make using it risky. This means if a women were to become pregnant she would be at a higher risk for a problem pregnancy or miscarriage. These types of risks can be avoided as long as proper care (in the form of different tests are run) is taken.

Men having low sperm count is something that usually isn’t discovered until a fertility treatment for a women has been tried and failed. At this point other sources of problems are looked at before another fertility option is considered. Women must take measures to ensure that everything is in proper working order before using Clomid, which means making sure their partners sperm count is what it needs to be. Other than this as long as a women is healthy otherwise Clomid is a very safe treatment to use and greatly increases the chances of pregnancy if used according to doctor instructions.

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