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Citalopram Works Well For Depression No Matter If Used In Generic Or Name Brand Form

Citalopram is a form of antidepressant that’s a part of a group of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It’s a good medication, but what can a person do if they are unable to get the name brand version of this treatment? Well in many cases they decide to go with a generic option, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. What potential users have to realize is that they can ask a doctor to make a prescription that reflects that a generic option can be used if there is one available.

Citalopram has been known to work in different cases of depression, whether a name brand version is used or a generic. So users really don’t need to be concerned about this. Instead the focus should be on whether or not their depression problem is well suited for this drug. Just how would a user know this?

Depression problems don’t come in the same form for everyone. Some people suffer from more serious forms of the problems while others might have a mild case. Serious depression is the type that comes with risks including suicidal thoughts or even thoughts of hurting other people. In order to keep this under control users must be willing to take the proper medication and make sure it’s going to work for them.

Medications such as Citalopram help to make this easy, and it’s designed to be used at least on a semi-long term basis. Why just a semi-long term basis? Well a serious depression problem needs more than one form of a treatment in order to get it under control. Users need to understand that over dependence on a drug like this doesn’t do much to help the core cause of their depression problem. It can help make life easier to cope with in the meantime while other options are being considered.

Long term use of an anti-depressant such as Citalopram also comes with the risk of tolerance. So it’s going to be important for users to understand just how much they need to use this drug and when the best time is to consider getting off of it.

If a user has a fear that they have to use some form of name brand option in order to get the best result, don’t. Treatments such as Citalopram work whether they are used in name brand form or generic. The more important thing is that you respond to the drug the way you’re supposed to, use it the right way, and have a means to monitor your improvement in the short term.

Generic forms of Citalopram do come with the benefit of costing less money though, which means if a person did need to use it for a longer period of time they can save money. There should be no difference in effectiveness though unless the depression problem itself is of a certain variety.

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